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The Bones Collection

*pictures/prices at bottom for the impatient readers*

As I hope to do with most of my releases moving forward, my newest drop consists of multiple product styles with a variety of color choices as well as hardware/accessory options.

This collection stems from an idea I had over a year ago. The original idea was to create a pair of air forces that looked like an x-ray view of the foot from any angle you looked at it; lateral, medial, top. Over time, as many of my rough ideas do, this vision transitioned and solidified into what you see today. The products are derived from the x-ray concept but have grown to incorporate details like the swoosh and back tab. Also you will notice that hardware has been added in the form of nails, screws and bolts to emphasize the x-ray/surgery/broken bones idea, as well as add a little flare to the shoes.

The original sample was created in a neon blue because I wanted the shoe to be as accurate to an x-ray image as possible. Since then I have expanded to a popular slime green color with additional color-way options of red, orange, yellow, purple, pink and white. The process of creating these custom shoes allows me to finish them in just about any color since the underpainting is done in white and then the color is added on top. This makes the Bones Collection truly customizable and unique. The other option you have when purchasing is whether or not you want the hardware added to the sneaker. This option comes at a slight additional cost and the product will still come with the original laces and all. For the air forces, all pairs (hardware selected or not) come with zip ties as a lacing alternative since the artwork on the tongue would be almost completely covered by the laces, the zip ties or screw are suggested instead.

I'm excited to release a collection of products that feature such a wide variety of color and styling options. Letting the consumer create something that is not just customized by me but in a way is also customized by them. As such I am open to creating colors that may not be offered on the site and I ask that you send me an email at Justwincustoms@gmail.com if this custom color option interests you: examples would be if you wanted the left shoe green and the right shoe blue or a mix of colors etc. please feel free to contact me.

View the gallery below for some detailed product shots and keep scrolling to see the full 8 stock color choices that will be offered!

The images that appear to be glowing are actually taken under a blacklight, thanks to the UV/Blacklight reactive paints that were used. Below are samples of all of the stock color options that will be available and how they look under the blacklight.

Dropping this Saturday 7/6/19 at 2pm pst. Since 3 models are being released, this collection will be limited in total quantity to 20-25 pairs total between the 3. All sizes will be available. Prices are listed as such:

Nike Blazer "Bones": $310 USD

Nike Air Force 1 "Bones": $350 USD

Nike Benassi Slide "Bones": $135 USD

Again please contact me with any questions at Justwincustoms@gmail.com

Thank you

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