THe Burnt Initiative

Send in any pair of shoes to receive the popular "burnt" customization, but here's the catch: each model of shoe that is accepted into this program will only be created one time. So check the list and move fast if you have a pair in mind!


The price for the work is $200 but shoes must first be approved.


Please follow the simple steps below if you wish to be accepted into the program!

Check the list below to make sure the style/color of shoe that you had in mind has not already been worked on. 

Check List

Send the name and an image of the shoe you want burnt to with "Burnt Initiative" as the subject. 


Upon approval you will receive an acceptance email with a link to purchase. All that's left to do is checkout! 


Exclusion List 

Yzy 350 V2 Core Black
Nike AF1 White
Nike AF1 Black
Jordan 1 High Ying Yang Black
Jordan 1 High Black/Black
Nike Blazer Black
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More Details:

  • Customer will be informed of the general idea for the shoe but ultimately it is up to me (the artist) on how to best apply the theme; meaning if you do not trust my vision/work this is not a program for you 

  • White, black or lightly colored leather shoes are preferred but all shoes will be considered

  • If a certain model of shoe has already been used, the same model can be used again but in a different color. For example, White AF1 and Black AF1

  • The cost for the work is the same for every shoe, $200, customer is responsible for shipping



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Nike Blazer Black